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Bhakti Temple new protocols

Greetings from Bhakti Temple!

It has been a long 15 months. I have deeply missed our connections. I am happy to announce my reopening on June 7th!
I have changed my business model a bit and there will be new, safer protocols.

Here is what will be changing:

I will only be seeing 1-2 guests per day. Longer sessions will be prioritized.
I am fully vaccinated. I am happy to show a copy of my card. Each guest must be vaccinated and show proof of such before booking your appointment. This is non negotiable. If you are of those who cannot receive the vaccine due to medical reasons, I’m sorry I will not be able to see you at this time. 
Same day sessions are no longer available. All sessions must be booked with at least 24 hours notice. 
I am no longer tolerating no shows and last minute cancellations. Therefore, a $100 non refundable deposit must be made via CashApp, Venmo or Bitcoin to secure your spot. If for any reason I am unable to make our appointment, your deposit WILL be returned to you. This applies to all guests, whether I’ve seen you before or not.
Masks will not he required, however if you choose to wear one, or would like me to wear one, I am happy to accommodate you.
Strict cleaning practices have always been and will continue to be on point at my space. Disposable hand towels will now be used. Sanitized oil bottles will be changed out after each guest, and disposable face covers are still in use. I have an air purifier and two humidifiers to help with the air.
One of the biggest changes, for those who have seen me before especially, there are now two Temple pets. Having to close my business for this long drastically changed my living situations. I now have my 13yr old cat, Pearl, and I rescued a two year old Min Pin, Ezra. They both have the run of my place, but are not allowed on the table, ever. They will both probably say hi, and while Pearl can’t really be bothered, Ezra as a therapy dog in training, will probably want to check in on me once in a while. I am hoping that as he gets used to people here, he will learn there is no need to worry and just hang in the living room. I keep my place fur free and have a pet hair specific vacuum. If you don’t like animals or are deeply allergic, I totally understand and finding another practitioner may be best. 
I think that’s it! I am so excited to get back to the work of giving loving, erotic, and non-judgemental touch. We are all so in need after the past year.
In bliss,

Health and hygiene steps during COVID-19

Greetings Dear Ones,
You may be wondering if seeing a practitioner such as myself is a good idea during this time. Since massage is great for anxiety and boosting the immune system, I recommend continuing your visits, while keeping everything I have written below in mind. 
While nobody can guarantee a total protection from this illness, I would like to share how I am minimizing the risks during your visit, in four stages.

What I have always done:
I thoroughly wash my hands before, in the middle of and after every massage session. Before and after 50 Shades  and Nuru sessions. 
All toys and tools of the trade, including hot stones, my Nuru pit and BDSM toys, are strictly soaked and/or cleaned with Barbicide along with high end toy cleaner. Leathers are cleaned with tea tree oil, a leather cleaner and Lysol spritz.
Face cradle, arm rest, massage tools including everything I touch, all wiped down with Clorox wipes after every session.
All towels and sheets are washed and disinfected at an industrial laundry facility.
Face cradle covers are diposable.
Toilet wiped down with Clorox wipes throughout the day.

What I do now:
Wipe down all door handles, table, shower and sink faucets and soap dispensers with Clorox wipes after every guest.
Replaced cloth hand towels with soft paper disposable hand towels.
Paper cups for mouthwash are now by request only, so they aren't sitting out collecting germs.
Lysol, Lysol, Lysol.
Gloves available upon request.

What I am doing to protect my own health:
All guests must wash hands and face upon arrival, before hugs or any physical contact.
Social distancing. I am taking a break from hot yoga, bars, restaurants, and dance classes. Luckily, I am very close to amazing hiking trails! 
Limiting my client intake to 6 guests a week. Please consider booking a 90min or 2 hr session to help me keep this up!
Staying hydrated and amping up my immune boosting practices.
Hand wash, hand wash, hand wash.

What you can do:
If you have visited Mainland China, Italy, Iran or South Korea recently, do not come visit me for two weeks since your arrival home.
If you are experiencing any symptoms, such as cough, headache or fever, do not come visit me.
If you are feeling ill, you may cancel without a cancellation fee, even last minute.
Remove your shoes immediately upon arriving.
Remove your jacket or over clothes and hang up in bathroom right away, even before washing your hands and face.
Stay hydrated.
Wash hands, wash hands, wash hands. :)

Greetings and Happy New Year!

May all of your dreams and wishes come into fruition this coming year. I look forward to more growth and expansion in my practice, while bringing the most exquisite and compassionate services to my guests.
Thank you for jumping on this glorious ride of sensual awakening and pleasure with me!

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What's in a name and recognizing appropriation

As stated in my bio, I have been a practitioner of Tantric Buddhism for many years. This is my spiritual practice and will always be with me and part of who I am. How I walk in the world. However, when I started to explore Neo Tantra and the sexual sadhanas, I was given two names by my teachers. Kali and Devi. Kali Devi. Beautiful, yes? I loved that name. It gave me purpose and was a constant reminder to stay in wisdom and compassion in my journey and in my work. At the time, I needed that idea of strength and empowerment. I felt the name and what it represented protected me from harmful and destructive life forces. Kali Ma deeply resonated within me and she is still a focus of my morning meditations. I am still deeply in love and in awe of Hinduism and its deities and will continue to study them.
However, after more than 12 years with that name, I have recognized that although I am a practiced Tantrika, I am not Hindu, and in order to truly honor the deities and the people of that religion and culture, I must let it go. It is not fair or right to possess a name from a culture that is not truly my own. 
I have shifted my name to the English spelling of Kalee, the keeper of the keys, and Danu, the Celtic Mother Goddess. I like the idea of Danu, as scholars can never quite agree as to her specific origins or identity. She is a bit of a puzzle and most knowledge of her was wiped out with the last of the Druids.
These names are from MY culture and heritage. Stories of my Irish pagan roots have been passed down through centuries in front of yule logs and maypoles. We are the snakes who survived St. Patrick.
 I no longer need a name from another ancient land to give me strength and empowerment. 
After years of practice, I now find those elements within myself.

Los Angeles BDSM,  Los Angeles Tantric Massage, Full Body Sensual Massage, and Bondassage.


Los Angeles BDSM,  Los Angeles Tantric Massage, Full Body Sensual Massage, and Bondassage.

Sex Workers are the canary in the coal mine. With the passage of Sesta and Fosta, all online communities are at risk of serious censorship. Hiding internet censorship under the blanket of "saving trafficking victims," is just the beginning of tearing down our freedom to information.
Not only do these bills push actual victims down further into the shadows and bowels of the dark web, it will make it virtually impossible for them to EVER be found and helped by law enforcement. Make no mistake. This IS NOT about sex trafficking, but by stopping sex work. Period.
Taking away our ability to pick and choose who we see, to screen and to help each other stay safe, takes away our autonomy and puts us in real danger. It also keeps you, the client, from being able to do your research and find a safe and reputable provider.
Bills like this also will squash our political activism, as Sex Work Twitter may cease to exist. Sex Work activism is primarily through Twitter, and they may more than likely either shadowban or kick us off their platform for good.
If you care about our safety, your safety (and your porn), Call your senate representatives today and tell them NO on Sesta and Fosta, as this still needs to pass the Senate. Remember, ANY website that is suspected of "trafficking" sex is at risk. That means advertising sites such as Backpage, forums such as TER, blacklist sites that help us screen, porn sites AND cam girl sites.

Product Review: The Liberator Wedge Sex Pillow

Los Angeles BDSM,  Los Angeles Tantric Massage, Full Body Sensual Massage, and Bondassage.
Recently I received the Liberator Wedge Pillow. I had read reviews on it at Amazon and had decided that an aid like this could be very beneficial. Let me tell you, this product is a MUST HAVE for any bedroom! 
It completely changes the angle of every position you may try and gives you many new positions to explore! This sturdy yet comfortable pillow changes the tilt of your pelvis, allowing for deeper penetration and more comfortable and relaxed positioning. 
It also raises up the hips, making oral sex much more comfortable on your neck. This wedge helps with fatigue and cramping by giving you several angles to play with. When in a receiving position, the pillow supports your back and neck nicely, so you don't have to hold or prop yourself up with your arms. The two wedges also somehow stick together and don't budge, yet the material is very soft.
The website is full of information and pictures to help you fully utilize this amazing prop. 
My favorite use? Put the small wedge on the end of the bed with the slope pointing toward the headboard and have your lover stand at the end of the bed with her body bent over the wedge. Make sure the edge of the wedge it right under her lower belly. As you are inside of her doggie style, the edge of that wedge pushes against her so she can feel you inside of  her in a whole new way. For even deeper penetration, have her bring one or both knees up onto the bed. The image above is also a must try position. It's absolutely brilliant! 
Run out and get one, you won't be sorry! I give it 5 kisses! You can order online at www.liberator.com.
Los Angeles BDSM,  Los Angeles Tantric Massage, Full Body Sensual Massage, and Bondassage.Los Angeles TantraLos Angeles TantraLos Angeles Sensual Massage Los Angeles Tantra                                                      
Los Angeles BDSM,  Los Angeles Tantric Massage, Full Body Sensual Massage, and Bondassage.

The pleasures of the male G-spot

This is my new Aneros prostate massager. This is something you can control to give the ultimate in prostate stimulation. Massage of the prostate can lead to an incredible, more expansive orgasmic experience. It is also a direct line to your inner feminine, capable of releasing stuck and stagnant energy opening your root and heart chakras all at once. It can be quite liberating!
Los Angeles BDSM,  Los Angeles Tantric Massage, Full Body Sensual Massage, and Bondassage.

50 Shades of Grey

There are many reasons why 50 Shades of Grey is not a good example of safe and consensual erotic and kinky play. I know several people who have let their daughters read this book. *sigh*
It may be time to have a frank discussion around what is healthy sexual and relationship behavior and what is not with your kids.
Los Angeles BDSM,  Los Angeles Tantric Massage, Full Body Sensual Massage, and Bondassage. 

I am now on Twitter!

You can now find me on Twitter!
Joining the Twitter brigade was vary hard for me for some reason. I had a lot of resistance around this type of social media. However, I have decided that in order to reach and inspire as many people as I can, I must take the leap. Also, with the shut down of Myredbook.com, as well as the possibility of other online adult advertising being censored or over-regulated by both Google and the government, I feel it is best to stay connected with any means necessary. 
Anyway, come say hi!




Went to Anya De Montigny's  Squirtgasms! workshop at The Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles last night. I thought I knew everything about female ejaculation, but there is always new information popping up about this little researched and poorly underfunded sex education topic. Anya is a dear friend and an amazing sex educator out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Feel free to visit her at www.teachmeaboutsex.com.
Also, contact me if you would like to explore and learn more about female ejaculation!