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Sex Workers are the canary in the coal mine. With the passage of Sesta and Fosta, all online communities are at risk of serious censorship. Hiding internet censorship under the blanket of "saving trafficking victims," is just the beginning of tearing down our freedom to information.
Not only do these bills push actual victims down further into the shadows and bowels of the dark web, it will make it virtually impossible for them to EVER be found and helped by law enforcement. Make no mistake. This IS NOT about sex trafficking, but by stopping sex work. Period.
Taking away our ability to pick and choose who we see, to screen and to help each other stay safe, takes away our autonomy and puts us in real danger. It also keeps you, the client, from being able to do your research and find a safe and reputable provider.
Bills like this also will squash our political activism, as Sex Work Twitter may cease to exist. Sex Work activism is primarily through Twitter, and they may more than likely either shadowban or kick us off their platform for good.
If you care about our safety, your safety (and your porn), Call your senate representatives today and tell them NO on Sesta and Fosta, as this still needs to pass the Senate. Remember, ANY website that is suspected of "trafficking" sex is at risk. That means advertising sites such as Backpage, forums such as TER, blacklist sites that help us screen, porn sites AND cam girl sites.