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What's in a name and recognizing appropriation

As stated in my bio, I have been a practitioner of Tantric Buddhism for many years. This is my spiritual practice and will always be with me and part of who I am. How I walk in the world. However, when I started to explore Neo Tantra and the sexual sadhanas, I was given two names by my teachers. Kali and Devi. Kali Devi. Beautiful, yes? I loved that name. It gave me purpose and was a constant reminder to stay in wisdom and compassion in my journey and in my work. At the time, I needed that idea of strength and empowerment. I felt the name and what it represented protected me from harmful and destructive life forces. Kali Ma deeply resonated within me and she is still a focus of my morning meditations. I am still deeply in love and in awe of Hinduism and its deities and will continue to study them.
However, after more than 12 years with that name, I have recognized that although I am a practiced Tantrika, I am not Hindu, and in order to truly honor the deities and the people of that religion and culture, I must let it go. It is not fair or right to possess a name from a culture that is not truly my own. 
I have shifted my name to the English spelling of Kalee, the keeper of the keys, and Danu, the Celtic Mother Goddess. I like the idea of Danu, as scholars can never quite agree as to her specific origins or identity. She is a bit of a puzzle and most knowledge of her was wiped out with the last of the Druids.
These names are from MY culture and heritage. Stories of my Irish pagan roots have been passed down through centuries in front of yule logs and maypoles. We are the snakes who survived St. Patrick.
 I no longer need a name from another ancient land to give me strength and empowerment. 
After years of practice, I now find those elements within myself.

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