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What's in a name and recognizing appropriation

As stated in my bio, I have been a practitioner of Tantric Buddhism for many years. This is my spiritual practice and will always be with me and part of who I am. How I walk in the world. However, when I started to explore Neo Tantra and the sexual sadhanas, I was given two names by my teachers. Kali and Devi. Kali Devi. Beautiful, yes? I loved that name. It gave me purpose and was a constant reminder to stay in wisdom and compassion in my journey and in my work. At the time, I needed that idea of strength and empowerment. I felt the name and what it represented protected me from harmful and destructive life forces. Kali Ma deeply resonated within me and she is still a focus of my morning meditations.
However, after more than 12 years with that name, I have recognized that although I am a practiced Tantrika, I am not Hindu, and in order to truly honor the deities and the people of that religion and culture, I must let it go. It is not fair or right to possess a name from a culture that is not truly my own. 
I have shifted my name to the English spelling of Kalee, the keeper of the keys, and Danu, the Celtic Mother Goddess. I like the idea of Danu, as scholars can never quite agree as to her specific origins or identity. She is a bit of a puzzle and most knowledge of her was wiped out with the last of the Druids.
These names are from MY culture and heritage.  I no longer need a name from another ancient land to give me strength and empowerment. 
After years of practice, I now find those elements within myself.