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Bondassage in Pasadena, Ca

When is the last time you allowed yourself to truly surrender to bliss?


Have you found yourself wanting to be more erotically adventurous?


As one of the small handful of LA women who is certified in the BONDASSAGE technique, I would love to offer you a whole new experience in sensual massage and kinkplay. A perfect combination of sensory play and depravation.


This practice is a journey of the senses...

For the novice, this can be a gentle introduction to the bondage/kink experience. Something exquisitely different from traditional sensual massage.


For the more adept, the play need not be so gentle. :)

In any case, the session is tailored to your comfort level, and unlike anything you have ever experienced.


I invite you to let yourself go and sink into otherworldly senses as you will be...

  • Gently strapped to the table

  • Blindfolded

  • Ears covered with headphone listening to sensually ambient music

  • Teased and titillated with my hands, feathers, floggers, electricity and other delights

  • Massaged, caressed and held




$150 pegging extra


A 90 min/2 hour session is always encouraged, especially the first time.

I specialize in Tantric Massage, Sensual Massage, and Sensuality and Intimacy Coaching in Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, United States.

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