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"If you want to hold the beautiful one, hold your Self to your Self.
When you kiss the Beloved, touch you own lips with your own fingers, the beauty of every woman and every man is your own beauty."
"My church happens to be the person I live with. She is my connection to the  sacred."
 “Become loving.  When you are in the embrace, become the embrace.  Become the kiss.  
Forget yourself so totally that you can say, “I am no more.  Only love exists.”  Then the heart is not beating, but love is beating.  
Then the blood is not circulating, but love is circulating.  
Then eyes are not seeing, love is seeing.  
Then hands are not moving to touch, love is moving to touch. 
 Become love and enter everlasting life.  Love suddenly changes your dimension.  
You are thrown out of  time  and you are facing eternity.  Love can become a deep meditation, the deepest possible. 
Lovers have known sometimes what saints have not known.” 


I specialize in Los Angeles Tantric Massage, Full Body Sensual Massage, and Bondassage.

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