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Product Review: Kush Queen THC infused lube

Ok, y,all, want to try something super cool? I am a big lube fan in general, but Kush Queen takes it to a whole new level! Especially for those vulvas! Kush Queen makes a water based (safe for condoms) THC infused lube, which helps to increase blood flow to the affected area. sensations feel intensified, arousal becomes enhanced, and can minimize and tension or discomfort during sex. I think this stuff is GREAT for those in menopause, to help with dryness, discomfort and tightness. you can just FEEL a lot more pleasure with it. It's also great for masturbation, and oral. It's also an awesome addition to anal play!

Caveat: I do find this lube to be slightly stickier than other lubes I am used to, I do recommend a lube like Astroglide on any insertables, including the penis, if you like a lot of glide.

You can check out the Delta 8 THC lube from Kuch Queen at the link below.

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