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A note about deposits

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Taking deposits is a business decision I made when reopening after Covid shutdowns. I had 15 months to reevaluate my business model and take a look into things that would make me work better, not harder. One big issue that is very frustrating in my business is the prevelance of no call/no shows, last minute rescheduling, and flaky people in general. In order to curb this, I simply started taking deposits to hold your session time. I realized that many professionals take deposits to ensure I would show up and compensate them if I dont. These include my tattoo artist, my lash lady, and my facialist. I decided that my time is just as valuable, and I was losing out on monrey and time with people who were just not serious about booking.

Since institutung this policy, NC/NSs have 100% disappeared, last minute cancellations and rescheduling has reduced to about 1%, and people who are not serious about booking pretty much just don't contact me. I am so much happier and at ease in my practice and can commit myself more deeply to taking care of those who really want to journey with me.

Deposits are non refundable unless I have to cancel. Your deposit is transferable to a new session if you need to reschedule with at least a 24hr notice. If you have to cancel within 24hrs of our session time, your deposit cannot be used toward rescheduling and a new deposit is required to reschedule. Your deposit is to compensate my administrative time through the booking process.

Thank you for supporting Bhakti Temple!

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